How we created a new ChatGPT based OS for our agency

Stavros Kontaktsis
3 min readMar 27

When ChatGPT was available to the general public and gained traction, many people started thinking that creative agencies would use it instead of copywriters to generate content and ideas. Even though the natural language model can produce a pretty decent copy, the reality is that advertising was and always will be an art and not a science.

Still, ChatGPT can be a valuable asset to day-to-day operations and help free up creative capabilities to boost campaigns’ effectiveness significantly.

On that premise, we explored ways to use ChatGPT to improve productivity and creativity at Giraffes in the Kitchen. In our process, we had one constant. ChatGPT cannot substitute human creativity and ingenuity. Ιt can take on tasks quickly and efficiently, liberating time and resources.

With this in mind, we started exploring tasks and processes that could be assisted or substituted by ChatGPT. ChatGPT is a natural language model processing system that can follow the rules and work on repetitive tasks faster and better than humans. For lack of a better description, it is a personal assistant on steroids that knows everything and can recall every piece of information in seconds.

It can analyze data tables, read and evaluate documents, and search for patterns. It can produce content, but its production is just average. And we at Giraffes in the Kitchen do not deliver average work.

Our general thinking was that we wanted the system to work alongside our existing infrastructure and become an Operating System. An OS is, by definition, the software that manages a computer’s resources and provides a user interface for running applications. And so AdentifAI was born. Our AI-driven system offers a new user interface that helps us produce better work for our clients.

You are probably wondering what exactly we are doing with it and how it works. Let me give you a few examples.

Strategic planning was the first department to implement the system; our planners can analyze data faster, look in large chunks, evaluate competitors, you name it. Overall the tools at their disposal are magnitudes better and quicker, helping them craft better strategies and briefs that help nail even better creative work.

Stavros Kontaktsis

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