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Trying to keep up

Running a digital agency in Greece

Let’s start with the facts. I run a digital media agency in Greece. We work in Greece & Cyprus and we would like to do work in other countries as well. Our clients are big brands (e.g. VW, Audi, Vodafone, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Media Markt, Oriflame etc) and some might say that we do all right and we do great things but actually what we are constantly trying to do is just keep up with our own expectations.

Our expectations are obviously to do amazing things in the digital space but unfortunately trying to do so in Greece (or Cyprus) who are in a constant turmoil due to the economic crisis is difficult. A lot of times there is no budget from the client side, other times people are feeling reluctant to try new things. So my job is to create what is needed to excite both me and my coworkers in ways that will keep us creatively alive and thus help our clients.

Our biggest challenge is to bridge the gap between technology and creativity. Technology is there. It provides us with great tools it gives us feedback and data to do algorithmic media buying for instance or to the ability to A/B test everything. But what brings everything together is creativity. Its the idea that challenges everything and creates the waves needed to succeed.

Bridging this gap and making clients understand the value that can arise from this is what makes it all worth it in the end of the day.

With a diploma in Chemical Engineering I ended up in Advertising and Communications. I like gadgets and snorkeling. Opinions are my own.

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