What makes a great (business) year?

Stavros Kontaktsis
1 min readDec 22, 2017

In the agency business, a good year is something that goes beyond P&L and revenue. For me its something more. Over the years I created a list of the things that can make a great year for an ad agency. The list is as follows

  1. Do great work for amazing clients
  2. Do work that goes beyond your reach and extends your capabilities to other countries and cultures
  3. Work on projects you love with great partners
  4. Watch talented people develop into amazing employees
  5. Hire new talent that will fit right in and will grow the agency’s creative abilities
  6. Don’t lose talent
  7. Win new business
  8. Do “the” project. The one that will define your agency as something different than everyone else.

Well this year we are 8 for 8 and this is certainly a great year for Giraffes in the Kitchen and to top it all up the year goes with a bang since we just found out we won the pitch we craved for, the one that Joan and Peggy couldn’t land.




Stavros Kontaktsis

With a diploma in Chemical Engineering I ended up in Advertising and Communications. I like gadgets and scuba. Opinions are my own.